Assumption of external RSPP assignment

Integrated service external to the company through the assumption of the role of Head of the prevention and protection service (external RSPP).

RSPP esterno

What are the tasks of the Head of Prevention and Protection Service (RSPP)?

In general, the SPP Managers collaborate in the identification and assessment of risks present in the workplace (DVR), developing appropriate prevention measures by informing workers of everything.

  • Collaborate in the drafting of the risk assessment document
  • Identify and assess the risks present in the company
  • Develop appropriate measures to prevent accidents and illnesses
  • Define safety procedures for work phases
  • Inform workers about identified risks and procedures

Assumption of the role by qualified and widely qualified technicians or in support of the Company Prevention and Protection Service, able to meet the obligations imposed by the new regulations:

  • Collaborate with the employer in the identification of risk factors, the assessment of the risks themselves and the identification of measures for the safety and health of the workplace
  • Coordinate and supervise the implementation of preventive and protective measures
  • Propose the prevention program
  • Propose security procedures
  • Propose training/information programmes
  • Attend security meetings
  • Provide workers, on behalf of the Employer, with the information required by law

In addition to the above-mentioned services typical of external RSPP, Safetyone Ingegneria provides the employer with the necessary assistance regarding:

  • Relations with Public Bodies and Supervisory Bodies
  • Completion of bureaucratic obligations required by law
  • Interpretation and application of rules, regulations, etc.
  • Relations with insurance institutions
  • Preparation of supporting documentation such as manuals, procedures, reports, etc.

As part of its training activity, Safetyone Ingegneria provides RSPP training and refresher courses, offering a complete training course for consultants and managers, but also a recognized RSPP Employer refresher course with a final certificate valid for all purposes. To check dates and availability you can consult the page on vocational training.