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Who is responsible for safety on construction sites?

In order to ensure safety on construction sites, the current legislation imposes the obligation to identify several subjects with warranty position and specific tasks during the design and execution of the work.

Such figures are:

The Client

is the subject on whose behalf the entire work is carried out. In the case of a private job the Client is a natural person (the owner), while in the case of a company is a legal entity. The Client has the obligation to appoint the Coordinator of Safety in the Planning Phase (CSP) and the Coordinator of Safety in the Execution Phase (CSE), to verify their actions, to verify the professional technical suitability of entrusted companies, executors and self-employed persons, and to transmit and update the Preliminary Notification to the Competent Bodies.

is the subject to which the Customer can delegate his tasks of appointment, supervision and control in the field of safety construction sites. The rdl, when appointed, performs the functions of the Client during the planning and execution of the work, appointing the Coordinators for Security (CSP and CSE), checking their work, verifying the professional technical suitability of the companies and sending/updating the Preliminary Notification. In the event of failure to appoint the Customer, the Customer shall bear full responsibility for the aforementioned obligations.

is the professional appointed by the Customer to analyse and evaluate in advance all potential risk factors related to the construction site. The law provides for the appointment in conjunction with the designer and its role consists in identifying prevention measures, coordination measures and design choices to make the work “safe”. The CSP shall prepare the Safety and Coordination Plan (PSC) and the Work File (FO) whose minimum contents are defined by Annex XV and Annex XVI of TUS.

is the professional appointed by the Customer to ensure compliance with health and safety standards during the execution of the construction site. the law previews the nomination before the beginning of the intense activities and its role consists in to verify the suitability of the documentation of safety predisposed from the enterprises, to carry out inspections in yard and to coordinate the activities of entrusted enterprises, subcontractors and self-employed workers in order to avoid dangerous interference.

also called Safety Supervisor or Safety Controller is the one who performs audits on behalf of the Customer both in the design and execution phase, reporting, as appropriate, on the work of the CSP, of the CSE, of the rdl or more in general on the respect of the norms of safety in yard. This figure is not specifically defined by current legislation and the TUSL but is a common practice especially on large yards or where high quality and safety standards are required.

In addition to the above figures, the subjects responsible for the realization of the work are:

Impresa Affidataria

is the company that holds the Contract with the Client, generally called the Contractor, which may or may not use subcontractors and self-employed workers. In addition to the obligations imposed on any other company not operating in the construction sector (e.g. appointing RSPP, medical examinations, training, etc.), the Entrusted Company has the obligation to prepare the POS (Safety Operational Plan), to check the professional technical suitability of its subcontractors (if any) and to coordinate their activities, in order to avoid interference risks, including through the appointment of safety officers on construction sites.

is the company that performs the entire work or part of it, using human resources, means, equipment and materials. It can coincide with the company Affidataria, in the case in which it carries out directly the work or part of these, or be a subcontractor. In addition to the obligations imposed on any other undertaking not operating in the construction sector (e.g. appointing RSPP, medical examinations, training, etc.), the executor is required to prepare the Operational Safety Plan (POS).

is the person who carries out an activity or provides a service with an exclusive obligation of result (as defined by the contract) and without any obligation of subordination towards the Entrusted Undertaking or the Customer. This absence of subordination is substantiated, in fact, in the absence of time constraints, in the autonomy of means and decision-making. The self-employed person is not obliged to provide the POS but to comply with the specific provisions of Title IV of the TUS.

What services does Safetyone Engineering offer?

Strong of the twenty-year experience gained on civil and industrial yards of national and international importance, thanks to the use of highly specialized resources and high-tech IT and management tools, Safetyone Engineering is able to cover, on the Client side, the following tasks:

  • Head of Works (rdl)
  • Design Safety Coordinator (CSP)
  • Security Coordinator in Execution Phase (CSE)
  • Construction Safety Supervisor – Safety Controller – High Surveillance
  • Construction site management platform (for document management and sharing, access control, badge creation, etc.)

In addition, Safetyone Engineering is able to support construction companies and General Contractors with the following services:

  • Recruitment of external RSPP
  • Appointment as technical safety supervisor
  • POS provision
  • Drafting of specific risk assessments (DVR, PIMUS, Covid-19 protocols, noise risk assessment, vibration risk assessment, etc.)
  • Verification Professional technical suitability of subcontractors and suppliers
  • Construction site management platform (for document management and sharing, access control, badge creation, etc.)

Safety on temporary and mobile construction sites has evolved a lot since 1996, both in relation to regulatory developments, the controls of the Supervisory Inspection Bodies and market demands, requiring CSP, CSE, RDL and consultants specialized expertise, not only technical but often legal, organizational and managerial.

If you are looking for an effective, economical and above all legally protected service, contact Safetyone Ingegneria… occupational safety experts.

In order to deepen the topic of the safety yards consult also the text “To plan the Safety in the Yard” published from INAIL.