Risk Assessment

How and when to draw up the Risk Assessment Document (DVR) and other specific risks.

Why it is important to always draw up the DVR

By means of the assessment of the risks coming from business activities, it is possible to make a meticulous cataloguing of the real dangers existing in the company, even for apparently harmless activities such as climbing stairs. It is therefore a useful tool to increase and improve the level of corporate security, spontaneously and without special investments.

Legislative Decree 81/08 always places the employer in charge of drawing up the Risk Assessment Document. The employer can make use of other figures such as the RSPP and Competent Doctor. In addition, the consultation of the Workers’ Safety Representative is expressly reported in paragraph 2 of Article 29 of Legislative Decree 81/08.

What advice does Safetyone Ingegneria Srl offer

Safetyone Ingegneria Srl is able to carry out an in-depth and effective Risk Assessment, specifically Safetyone Ingegneria deals with:

Drafting of the Risk Assessment Document (DVR) with improvement program;

Drafting of Assessment Documents of any specific risks:

  • Risk of physical agents
  • Workplace Risk
  • Asbestos risk
  • Risk of Drug and Alcohol Intake
  • ATEX risk
  • Biohazard
  • Risk of electromagnetic fields (EMF)
  • Carcinogenic risk
  • Chemical Risk
  • Covid-19 risk
  • Electrical Risk
  • Radon Gas Risk
  • Driving Risk
  • Lighting Risk
  • Fire risk
  • Child worker risk
  • Risk of pregnant workers
  • Risk from Work at Height
  • Risk of night work
  • Legionella risk
  • Risk of Underground Rooms and Basements
  • Microclimate risk
  • Risk of Manual Handling of Loads (MMC)
  • Muscle – Skeletal Risk
  • Risk Work in solitude
  • Risk of ionizing radiation
  • Artificial Optical Radiation Risk (ROA)
  • Noise risk
  • Seismic risk
  • Smart Working Risk
  • Solar risk
  • Risk of confined spaces
  • Work-related stress risk
  • VDU Risk (VDT)
  • Vibration risk
  • Risk of Violence at Work

Identification of prevention and protection measures to be implemented, including training;

Processing, delivery and explanation of the document;

Keeping the DVR document updated according to company and / or legislative changes.