Occupational Medicine

Occupational medicine is the branch of medicine that deals with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases caused by work activities.

Each Company, after carrying out the Risk Assessment required by Legislative Decree 81/08 if there are risks for which the law provides for Health Surveillance, must appoint a Competent Doctor.

medicina del lavoro

Safetyone Ingegneria provides services in the field of occupational medicine, including:

  • Assumption of responsibility: Safetyone Ingeneria provides the occupational medicine service through professional doctors, as required by art. 38 of Legislative Decree 81 81/08, of which it coordinates, controls and supports the activity;
  • Annual inspection: As required by art. 25 of Legislative Decree 81/08 the competent doctor will carry out at least once a year the inspection of the workplace and will draw up the report;
  • Periodic meeting: As required by law, for companies or production units with more than 15 workers, the employer must convene a meeting at least once a year also involving the Competent Doctor;
  • Drafting of the Health Protocol: The Competent Doctor will take care of the drafting of the Health Plan, drawn up following the risk assessment;
  • Compilation of health records: The Competent Doctor will take care of establishing a health record for each worker subjected to health surveillance;
  • Preventive and periodic visits: Following preventive and periodic visits, the Competent Doctor will issue a copy of the certificate of suitability, keeping a copy in the health record, giving one to the worker and transmitting another to the employer;
  • Specialist visits: Following the analysis and the type of activity carried out, the competent doctor may deem it appropriate to carry out specialist visits or visits from the absence of drug dependence, deemed necessary by law for the type of task performed;
  • Annex 3B: the Competent Doctor is obliged to transmit to Inail the anonymous and aggregated collective data relating to the health surveillance of the previous year, by the end of March of the year following that in which the surveillance was conducted. Safetyone Ingeneria takes care of interfacing with the doctor and giving evidence to the company about the transmission of the document.