Structural Design and Bonus Earthquake

Bonus earthquake, seismic certification, seismic risk vulnerability analysis

progettazione strutturale e sisma bonus

What are the advantages?

Following an analysis of the building’s seismic vulnerability, it is possible to obtain a deduction in 5 years up to 80% for individual units and 85% for condominiums, depending on the reduction in the number of classes of seismic risk.

The seismic performance of the building will be attested in the appropriate Certificate of Seismic Risk.

All units located in risk zones I, II and III can access the Sismabonus, with a possibility of deduction up to € 96,000 per property unit. Particular attention is paid to buildings for productive activities, with prefabricated structure dating back to the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s whose seismic resistance is extremely poor, if anything. With limited interventions on the structural nodes it is possible to solve important problems already evident for small seismic events that preclude the structural safety.

The sismabonus is also applicable in cases of demolition and reconstruction with different shape and volume, thus favoring in an important way the investment of real estate development.

What services do we offer?

Our staff is able to perform seismic vulnerability analysis from residential to production, including relevant and strategic buildings, such as schools and hospitals.