Fire Planning

Fire Prevention Certificate (CPI) and Fire Design

The Fire Prevention Certificate – CPI – is a certificate that aims to certify compliance with the law of fire prevention, certifying the subsistence of all fire safety requirements.

The document is in the name of the person responsible for the activity whose security level is established and has 5 years of validity.

The activities subject to the fire prevention certificate are divided into three categories (A, B and C) according to size, complexity and fire risk:

Category A

Low fire risk, SCIA must be submitted, VVF must not be required to examine the project. Spot checks shall be carried out;

Category B

Average fire risk, it is necessary to ask the Command for the opinion of conformity of the design with the fire criteria. After receiving a favourable opinion, the SCIA may be submitted. Spot checks shall be carried out;

Category C

As for the activity in category B, but inspections are certain. High fire risk, it is necessary to ask the Command for the opinion of conformity of the project with the fire criteria. On-site inspections are always carried out.

What to do when the Fire Prevention Certificate has expired?

The request for periodic renewal of fire conformity must be made by the employer of the company with a statement that there are no changes to the fire safety conditions and with the sending of the documentation provided to the Provincial Fire Brigade Command del Fuoco.

In the event of changes (structural, plant, processing or redeployment of the premises) or changes in quality and quantity of the dangerous substances present, is to decay, the expiry date of the ICC and the immediate obligation to comply with the rules laid down in DPR 151/2011 takes over.

In the case of late renewals, the owner of the company must submit a new SCIA, in accordance with art. 4 of DPR 151/2011.

What advice do we offer?

Safetyone Engineering is able to provide technical support both for obtaining the EPC and for a fire risk analysis and emergency management of the building or workplace. Safetyone can draw up emergency management plans of any type and size of company.