Digitize your business: discover Safetyone click

Why is it important to digitize your work?

In this precise moment in history when companies have discovered the possibility to work in smart-working, to attend meetings in web conferences or to follow seminars in webinars (terms uncommon until 2020), it is even more evident that the strategic factor for making a company or a business competitive and winning, is the correct management of time.

All modern systems of connection and interaction, which today are used forcibly because of the pandemic, will not disappear, but will be the tools for the companies of the future.

software gestionale della sicurezza

What determines the greatest waste of resources in a company?

In fact, today, in most of the companies not digitized, the greatest waste of time and human resources is due to the management of the processes of interaction and communication through email, saving data on PC and cloud and redundancy of the controls carried out by different subjects.

If all the workers in a company no longer had to worry about sending emails, keeping an eye on timetables, storing and updating documents, how much time would be saved?

A first but important step in this direction is digitizing safety. But why start with safety at work? Because there is no business process where it is so important to properly monitor, store and manage documents, information and deadlines.

But is there a way to simplify security? After about ten years of development, research and practical applications, we’re sure it exists!

What is Safetyone Click?

Safetyone Click is an innovative cloud management platform that helps you easily, effectively and securely manage all your workplace safety obligations.

Specifically, Safetyone Click is an ASP platform with a graphical interface to create a database for uploading and sharing documents.

Who is Safetyone Click aimed at?

Safetyone click is aimed specifically at companies, businesses or processes that require sharing and managing a lot of information and documents. It is therefore addressed to:

  • Private companies of any size
  • General Contractor
  • Contractors
  • Clients (for the management of a building site)
  • External providers’ ITP verification offices
  • Occupational Safety and Health Advisers
  • Managers of Construction Site Work
  • Coordinators for Site Safety
  • Technicians
  • Project Managers and Construction Managers
  • Directors of Works

What are the advantages of Safetyone Click?

This management platform is the ideal tool to increase the competitiveness of your company or to better manage a construction site, because it is a simple, effective and protective tool for managing and sharing a huge amount of data and information. Specifically the advantages are:

Save money

The platform saves you time and money, keeps your archive tidy and doesn’t waste time sending emails or printing documents

A simple, intuitive and interactive tool that allows employees and suppliers to upload data without training

The management system warns you in advance of the expiration of documents through emails and notifications, allowing you to constantly monitor your documentation and your suppliers

What are the characteristics of the platform?

  • Online archive of all your business documentation (not only about security) accessible from any PC, smartphone and tablet.
  • Ability to structure the online archive according to your needs.
  • Ability to transfer to your suppliers the task of uploading documents on the platform (with a huge time saving).
  • Ability to create independently, in a simple and intuitive way, an online database of your company, containing documents and information also accessible to third parties (e.g. contractors, contractors, security coordinators, bodies, etc.).
  • Availability of dedicated forms and typological documents to be able to independently draw up part of the documents concerning security.
  • Ensure proper storage and maintenance of files through a daily data backup system.
  • Data protection and privacy compliance.
  • News, legal texts and guidelines always at your disposal.

How much does Safetyone Click cost?

Less than you can imagine. Contact us and you can use the Safetyone Click platform free of charge for one month without any contractual obligations!