Planning and Management of Works

Who is the designer

The designer is the one who draws up a project, of an architectural or technical nature. It is a professional figure who with his own cultural background and a reasonable technical experience first thinks and conceives what will be achieved after.

progettazione e direzione dei lavori

Pursuant to Legislative Decree No. 222/2016 it is mandatory to prepare one of the following documents for the purpose of authorization of the Institution:


The Certified Activity Start Report allows to realize works concerning also the structural parts of a building. Once the application for SCIA has been submitted, it is possible to start work immediately. Within the SCIA fall the so-called extraordinary maintenance interventions pursuant to art. 3 of DPR 380/2001.


The Building Permit covers all urban and building changes in the territory. In particular, the interventions that fall within this title are regulated by art. 10 of DPR 380/2001. SuperSCIA, a fast alternative to PDC, was recently introduced.


The Communication of the Beginning of Works Certified by a qualified designer. Includes all works not included in the previous categories. In this case the technician assumes under his responsibility that the works comply with current legislation. Interventions subject to CILA do not include structural changes to the building.

Who is the Director of Works

The director of works is a mandatory figure in the performance of both private and public works. The Director of Works shall be responsible for verifying that the work complies with the project, with the requirements for carrying out the work, with regard to the quality of the materials used and with regard to the installation which must be carried out in a workmanlike manner.

It’s a figure totally independent of the construction company, able to make decisions on behalf of the client in order to complete the approved work. The principal task of the works manager is to assist and supervise the works, giving appropriate instructions when necessary.

What advice does Safetyone Engineering offer

For years, Safetyone Ingegneria has been at the side of customers for the safe construction of their works. Safetyone Ingegneria has professional figures able to take on the role of designer and director of works in the construction sector in order to ensure compliance with building and urban planning constraints, cost containment, the respect of the timeframes and the attainment of optimal qualitative standards in function of the order budget.