Project Management

The project management activity represents the set of back and front office actions, aimed at the analysis, design, planning and implementation of the objectives of a project, during all stages of progress and in compliance with precise contractual or mandatory obligations.

In an increasingly competitive and performing market, the need to monitor all phases of the project, through project management actions, becomes increasingly essential to ensure compliance with time, budget and quality requirements.

project management

What services does Safetyone Engineering offer?

Safetyone Engineering, mainly in the shipbuilding sector, is able to support the Customer in order to:

  • create the deliverables required;
  • to monitor progress;
  • managing relations with external suppliers;
  • managing communication with the Customer;
  • monitor the costs of the contract;
  • preparing the quality assurance programme;
  • ensuring that the contractual requirements are met;
  • verify the quality of deliverables, compatibility with the project scope and acceptance by the Customer;
  • collect information on the progress of the project;
  • manage issues and change requests;
  • develop corrective actions in the face of project mismatch.

When completing individual tasks, Safetyone Engineering is also able to support the Customer in order to:

  • verify the complete acceptance of the work carried out or the need for any additions, project extensions or new projects to be started;
  • formalise the completion of the work with the customer;
  • assess the overall performance of the project;
  • completing the project documentation;
  • produce the Final Report;
  • assess the performance of the resources involved in the project;
  • archive the documentation.