Equipment and PPE training courses (Personal protective equipment)

In reference to art. 73 of the TUS the Employer must ensure that for each piece of work equipment made available, the workers responsible for the use have all necessary information and education and receive appropriate training and training, in relation to safety in relation to the conditions of use of equipment and foreseeable abnormal situations.

For all the means of work and equipment indicated in the Agreement State-Regions of 22 February 2012 are provided by the legislator precise indications about the duration, the contents and the periodicity of updating.

On the other hand, as regards training on means and equipment not expressly indicated in the Agreement, the training obligation remains, but the duration, content and frequency of updating are left to the discretion of the Employer depending on the Risk Assessment. However, these aspects must be formalised and training documented.

Safetyone Engineering is able to provide the following TRAINING COURSES MEANS:

  • Forklift course (forklifts)
  • Elevating work platforms (MEWPs) course
  • Crane course
  • Mechanical loader course
  • Excavator course
  • Courses on specific equipment (e.g. stairs)

In reference to art. 77 paragraph 5 letter a) training is also essential for any PPE that, pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 475 of 4 December 1992, belongs to the third category.

Safetyone Engineering is able to provide the following DPI TRAINING COURSES:

  • Use of fall-arrest belts
  • Course use gas masks
  • Course on the use of self contained breathing apparatus
  • Other third category PPE course (on request)