Technical Direction of Construction Site

The Technical Director of Shipyard (DTC) is the professional figure, designated by the company entrusted with a contract, with the task of organizing the work in compliance with the contractual rules.

This figure has a key role in the management of the yard because it has decision-making powers in the field of operational planning as well as responsibility for the execution of the work.

direttore tecnico di cantiere

The activities carried out by the DTC include in particular

  • Management of relations with clients;
  • Preparation and management of timetables;
  • Choice of subcontractors and management of contractual relations;
  • Contract management on the basis of the project and the contract;
  • Coordination of workers during construction work;
  • Supply of building materials;
  • Accounting of works.

The DTC is also responsible for the safety of workers on the construction site because it must:

  • take the protective measures provided for in the PSC and the Affidataria POS;
  • ensuring relations with operators and outside firms for the application of safety regulations;
  • equip the construction site with all the equipment necessary to prevent accidents and incidents at work;
  • interface with the Control Bodies, with the Client and the related functions of Technical Supervision (DL, CSE, rdl).

Safetyone, employing qualified professionals, is able to offer technical assistance and consultancy services, aimed at the management of construction processes (including on-site technicians).